Religious Religion

About us

We see ourselves as freethinkers who want to explore and learn about why religion is so prevalent, and how it can and cannot fit into our futures. After careful consideration, it can start to seem painfully clear that religion is not something that belongs in our future. In today's world it is causing more harm than good. It divides us into groups and promotes believing in things without evidence, something you effectively never do outside the context religion.

We ask questions about religion. We debate about every detail from the literal interpretations written in religious sacred texts, to the philosophical questions they raise and everything in between. With a majority of the world belonging to one religion or another, it's clearly something that dramatically impacts our culture, our way of living, thinking, and growing as one planet. So it's important to talk about it.

We've created this as a place to learn more about religious ideas, some good, and some bad. We hope to encourage the freethinking of religious people in that they'll reconsider their beliefs and accept that we don't know all of the answers. It seems important that the world be in alignment about the nature of our reality, as it has the power to shape our future.

Hopefully you can find value in the material we have here, and use it to explore new ideas, concepts, and ways of living. And be sure to leave comments and engage to fully discuss and debate. These topics are dense, and they can take shape over a long time. So keep a level head, an open mind, and dive in.

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