Best Religious and Atheist Debate Moments

A lot of these clips come from debates found on our debates page. So if anything catches your interest, be sure to check out the full religious debate there.

Now, this first clip comes from a debate with Richard Dawkins and the infamous George Pell. Pell gets caught by the moderator, Tony Jones, for asserting that Jews have been intellectually inferior in the past. The moderator quickly asks Pell if Jesus is included in that generalization, as he was also a Jew. Pell clearly didn't think this one through.

A little while later, within the same debate, George Pell is again called out by a video caller. The caller asks Pell, "As a climate change skeptic, you demand a very high standard of evidence that global warming has an anthropogenic cause. My question is, why then do you not require the same standard of evidence for the existence of God?"

Pell seems to trip up again towards the end of this debate. He starts saying how he believes the consecration turns the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. Dawkins responds with, "English is my native language. The wafer does not become the body of anybody in the English language". Although Pell appeared to imply that he doesn't know scientifically how it would have happened, but his belief in God is enough to confirm that it does indeed happen. So, here we have another example of a belief that is unsupported by evidence.

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