Religious Religion

Why Religion is Worse Than Atheism

Religion forces you to stay in it

Islam is infamous for its belief that apostasy, or choosing to leave the religion behind, must result in death. Therefore, you literally cannot leave the religion even if you wanted to. Why would an all-mighty God, or Allah, create a world in which we could even believe anyone else?

Christianity similarly has the ability to box you in. Most Christian children are baptized at birth. I wonder what would happen if we didn't allow baptisms until people turned 18. I have a hunch there would be a lot fewer people getting baptized if they had to make that decision on their own as adults. Furthermore, Jesus came to us to tell us that we are born with Original Sin. We are told that we must repent in order to be forgiven by God, our father. So even though we didn't commit the original sin, we are told that we must dedicate our lives to worshiping God and asking for his forgiveness. Why would we, people created in the image of God, given free will, be forced to carry the responsibilities of Adam and Eve's sin? Were Adam and Eve actually real, or are they not just myths; if they are a myth, then where does original sin actually come from?

Atheism and agnosticism are more peaceful

Consider the physical damage that religion has, directly and indirectly, inflicted on our world. As an example, the Crusades are estimated to have caused between 1 and 3 million deaths. The Spanish Inquisition is well known for it's brutal, horrific methods of torture. Meanwhile, non-believers simply can focus on more important issues, and ignore the conflicting claims of religious texts. The world slows down to pretend as if one of our religions is right. While we wait around, continuing to spread our equally unlikely religious ideas, lives are being ruined, and people are being killed. As we become universally atheist and agnostic, we will see improved relationships among all people of the world.

Religion doesn't make sense anymore

Put yourself in the shoes of someone 2000 or more years ago. They did not have computers, phones, or Google. They couldn't look up information in seconds. The information they did have is minuscule in comparison to what we have today. The Bible creates a world that doesn't align with scientific consensus, as does the Quran. They both go on to describe things that aren't possible based on our current understanding of reality (like miracles). These holy books encourage slavery and warfare, demonstrate a patriarchal worldview, and do not provide any greater moral compass than does Scooby-Doo.

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