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Best debates of all time

Religious debates have been around for thousands of years. People want to know the answers to life's most complex and confusing questions. We've tried to collect a few of the best debates we've ever seen.

Many debates include some of our favorite figures: authors, atheists, agnostics, and scientists. And we've have written about a bunch of them. Learn more about Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris.

New debates are added all the time, so be sure to check back later for more.

Q and A Debate

Enjoy watching Richard Dawkins take down the now convicted child sex offender George Pell in this atheist vs. Christian debate. This will always be remembered, as George Pell essentially confesses to his crimes before ever having been charged (skip to 48:05), and ultimately digging his own grave when discussing preparing the "young English boys" in the middle of this debate.

The God Debate II at The University of Notre Dame

We Don't Do God? - The Veritas Forum

Does God Exist?

The Great God Debate

86 year old atheist scientist versus Christian

Refining Reason Debate