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Jesus of Nazareth

So, Jesus probably existed. But, aside from a a few years in his adult life, how much do we really know about Jesus of Nazareth? We are told that he is the son God. Together, Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit make up the Holy Trinity. This is what we're told, at least.

The Wise Men

Jesus was supposedly born in Bethlehem, of the Virgin Mary. When word got out that this "King" had really been born, three wise men were sent to find Jesus. They brought him gold, frankincense, and myrrh — you know, like every one does for babies.

Now, you're probably be thinking, why did they bring him all this stuff?

King Herod was worried that this new Jesus guy could hurt his power. He sent these men to find him, so he could have him killed. But, the wise men were warned about Harod's plan in their dreams. They found Jesus and worshiped him instead.

Jesus was said to have performed miracles many miracles. Let's take a look at some of the most popular.

The Miracles of Jesus

Jesus turning water into wine

This is Jesus' first miracle, and it goes like this. Jesus and his disciples are invited to a wedding. But, eventually they run out of wine. So Jesus, with his almighty powers, turns water into wine.

This is one of the more ridiculous examples of 'miracles' we find in the Bible. It's ridiculous first in that it is the very first miracle. But, is running out of wine at a party really the appropriate trick of an omnipotent and omniscient God? Does it really make sense to make the first divine intervention by Jesus? There were people being crucified regularly, there were horrible diseases and plenty of sick. Meanwhile, Jesus is out partying at a wedding, utilizing his powers for drinking with friends.

It just seems a little weird, right?

Jesus performing exorcisms

If you haven't seen one before, here's an idea.

These don't seem to need anymore explanation. If there aren't any demons, is the Devil even real? No, the Devil is probably not real. In fact, the Devil is as likely real as is Zeus, or the tooth fairy. They all have equally lacking evidence.

Names for Jesus

  • Christ
  • Son of God
  • Master
  • Lord
  • God
  • Son of man
  • The Lamb
  • The Light
  • King of Jews
  • King of Kings

You get the idea. So Jesus was a pretty popular person. But why did he become so popular?

The Life of Jesus in The New Testament

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John make up the four Gospels found in the Bible. Unfortunately, all of the Gospel authors remain anonymous. So the names they have actually represented a person close to Jesus. This seems to be an important thing to note when considering the accurateness of the Bible. It's a common misconception that the Gospels are actually written by those individuals, and without having been taught that it's not the case you may never realize.

Each gospel is not equally reliable when recounting the life and teachings of Jesus. Believe it or not, most scholars are in agreement that Matthew and Luke were referencing Mark as their source. Meanwhile, it's also thought that John is not a reliable source for Jesus. So we're only left with the Gospel of Mark to possibly hold the truth.

You know what's a weird question: What was Jesus' adulthood like? If you look in the Bible you won't have much luck finding anything beyond the basics. We read about his baptism, and then his eventual crucifixion. We know that Jesus was the son of a carpenter, and was a carpenter himself. There's a story in the Bible that reveals a glimpse into Jesus' childhood. We learn that he once went missing, but was found in the temple courts. When his parents asked where he had been he asked them didn't they know he would be in his "Father's house". After this, we basically find Jesus as a 30-year-old man. But what occurred for the rest of his teenage and early adult life? Who were his friends? What was his daily life like?

When we see Jesus as an adult, we learn that he appoints twelve apostles and begins his ministry.

Crucifixion of Christ

Jesus was crucified to death alongside two thieves. He was said to have died on the cross, and eventually rose from the dead. And as part of the Easter celebration, many Christians recognize Good Friday as the day Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven.

Questions for Jesus

  • What were the teenage years like?
  • What were the 20's like?
  • What was a breakdown of your day: Time spent praying / worshiping your dad; time teaching others to do that; doing normal things like washing up, eating, sleeping?
  • Why are there no female disciples? Are they eligible to hear the word of god, directly from him?
  • If God, your father, is omnipotent, and omniscient, shouldn't he have known of your fate on Earth? Moreover, wouldn't he have known the fate of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? Why did all people after Adam and Eve have to live with their wrongdoings? Do you believe that if I do something wrong to someone else, that my child, or my child's child should be punished for it instead?
  • If you are also god, one of the three parts, wouldn't that same question apply to you too?

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