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Jesus and his disciples at the Last SupperExplaining how atheism feels similar to a majority of people believing in dragons.Bill Burr roasts Priests as regular people, with equal information as the rest of us. So what do they know about truth?deer jesus funny memejesus rising from dead funny memelift lords name on high funny memelittle girl talking about jesus funny memepraise and worship bells funny memedog biblical truths funny memejesus loves you vandalism funny memereligion youth group theives funny mememoses watering daisies funny memeholy spirit slap funny memeexercise walk with lord funny memebill burr church rant funny memejesus turn water into starbucks funny memejesus sleeping woman funny memeprophecy spirtual funny memechurch kid pool baptisms funny meme
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Well here's a bunch of funny, weird, dumb memes and videos about God, Jesus, and religion. But don't forget that they're just jokes, so no hard feelings.

Memes can actually tell us quite a lot about some stuff. They point out quirky things when some ideas are only thought about independently. Like Jesus walking on water, and Becky, walking on water bottles. Religions can can seem funny pretty quickly. Enjoy these Christian, Jesus, and religious memes.

Jesus is the primary figure of the Bible's New Testament. The book tells us about his teachings and about supposed miracles, of which there is little tangible evidence to support. These were some of our favorite memes that people have made for him. Hopefully neither God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, nor any religious people take offense to this, they're presented in good fun as educational, and comical.

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